Sunday, September 26, 2010

west virginia

got here last night to donna's unbelievable 110 acre estate!  she is now laughing at that.  i will be leaving with one of their mustangs and one of their mustangs.   she and her husband don't know it yet.  there is a '65 mustang in the garage that suspiciously is "locked" so i haven't seen it but quite sure i will adore it.  and an actual horse that their other horse gave birth  to who i LOVE.  but not sure if they have a horse trailer i can also steal.  will soon find out b/c/ i leave tomorrow for noelle's.

the kids are so adorable.  that was on our way down the street to the barn where the kids even shovel hay into the stalls from up top in their cowboy boots.  how &^%in' cute.

this is dwayne's man room in the barn.  very impressive.  i left out all the animal horns.  not as impressive.

also impressive is dwayne's skill at refurbishing vintage cars!  this roadmaster is unbelievable.  and has plates so will be easier for me to drive off in than the mustang if they continue to keep me from it.

their personalities are as cute as they look.  which is super duper cute.  forgot to say their land backs up on a state park.

me and donna at ohio river.

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