Tuesday, September 28, 2010

end of west virginia, beginning of charlotte

found another starbucks to steal wi-fi from.  guess it isn't really stealing since i am drinking a FIVE DOLLAR smoothie.  though it is tasty.

stood in donna's future basement.  (the house to be built up the hill.)  view is gorgeous.

went walking around d & d's land which is really nice.  saw wild turkeys.

one more of dwayne's cool cars.  did get to see the mustang but would have had trouble driving off in it since the seats were removed!  and i think something under the hood wasn't exactly attached.  like something triple a wouldn't have taken care of for me.  

the city right by them (huntington) is where marshall univ. is - as in the movie we are marshall. based on the true story of the entire college football team getting killed in a plane crash.  think it was in the 70s.  

west virginia has a chain called biscuit world!  speaking of biscuits, dwayne made me a country man breakfast.  holy cow - still recovering.  but it was GOOD.  just don't think i have the stomach of a country man.  though my sister would disagree b/c she says i have a steel stomach.  anyway, who knew there was such a thing as BREAKFAST GRAVY?!?!  

wish i had a photo to illustrate the following point:  it is possible to transport a pig in a teeny makeshift plywood trailer behind a pickup on a major interstate.  

onto charlotte - a very clean city full of lots of public art!!!  loved it.  

there is noelle in her super fancy office which has a fabulous view.  she is a REAL lawyer.  : )  

there is a reflection of a big shiny office building in another big shiny office building.  

and here are some inspiring quotes that are on a line of pillars outside the public library! which also has a romare bearden mosaic.  

off to go play w/honour who should be home from school by now.  it is gorgeous out!  

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