Thursday, September 23, 2010

less than 2 days

i am quite sure you are all stunned by my extraordinary creativity in coming up with my blog name.  it is not surprising that the title was available since it is so clever.  

this one is kind of a test one b/c i should be packing.  hope the no caps doesn't annoy anyone.  too bad if it does.  leaving in less than 2 days for my road trip!  can't wait.  3 weeks!  the american south!!!  land of jazz, blues, civil rights sites, good bbq, beaches, water, and hopefully no hurricanes until after october 15.  first stop donna's house.  west virginia.  mountain momma.  not sure if she is near the shenandoah river though.  life is older...older than the trees.  am i even getting these lyrics right?  feel like i just did a mash up of three john denver songs.

oh, so that is the point of this.  to keep you posted on my road trip.  and hopefully somebody will call me on my cell if you hear about a hurricane.  b/c i might just be oblivious listening to my ipod.

i just figured out how to insert a photo!!!!  that was edison and caelan at the zoo last weekend.  they were put to work shoveling hay b/c they were such terrors.  joking.  i mean they were terrors but they were not put to work.  and i did love them just as much as when they are angels.  well, maybe a wee bit less when edison spit in my face.  but overall it was a great day.  if you don't count me having to threaten 8 times to get my cell phone out and call their parents.  and if you forget about caelan screaming "karla - i am NOT LISTENING TO YOU!!!!!" as if i hadn't already noticed that.  but really, they are the most adorable things in the world.

oops. upon investigating a weird smell coming from my kitchen, i just learned that i over roasted some tomatoes.  so now i can put off packing for longer while i scrub black burned goo off of my brand new cookie sheet.

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