Wednesday, September 29, 2010

charlotte to atlanta

went to a great african american art museum in charlotte.

maybe should've paid attention to the fact that it wasn't october 1st yet for this one.....and the other mint museum location i tried to visit.  though it was a gorgeous day for a long walk.  also had forgotten it was tuesday when i kept pushing and pulling the doors on the new modern museum downtown.  instead i saw lots more of the outdoor art.  glad i finally realized it wasn't that southern doors are quirky.  they lock just like our northern doors do.  when things are closed.

me and honour.  usually on the same wavelength.  even more so kindred spirits than i realized before.  guess that is how she convinced me to do soccer drills.  ?!?!?!?!  i think she then got nervous when i began limping.  so she transferred us to the porch for stretching and yoga.

can you even stand how cute that is??  she actually had me meditating for about 5 minutes.  which is at least 4 minutes and 50 seconds longer than i have ever meditated!
their rope swing is amazing!  it is set up on a slope so you actually feel like you are flying.
coach honour.  that was before she had me limping.  i wish she would've warned me that she is on a travel team for a reason b/c i was twiddling my thumbs in her goal when a ball came whipping at me.
at my cousin's in atlanta.  her adorable kids being their adorable selves.  and the following was milan's idea for marking our places at the dinner table!
picking carrots.
tomorrow - new orleans!

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