Saturday, October 16, 2010

smoky mountains continued

here are some more pictures of the inn where i stayed on the north carolina side of the park.  (bryson city.)  there will not be any photos of my last night's stay - pigeon forge, tennessee - b/c it was a crazy miles and miles of neon and stores and hotels and chain restaurants and country music pavilions and magic palaces and laser tag and bounce houses...guess you should look at something other than a map when figuring out where to stay!  i wanted to spend as much time in the park as possible and pigeon forge is just outside of the park on the tennessee side.  i still had perfect weather right up until about 5:30 of my last day when i was on my way out of the park anyway and it started to rain!!!!!  i do love fall, but the summer weather i got for the entire trip up until the smoky mts. was fabulous.

bryson city was a cute little town

in the park i hiked on some intersecting trails and passed three waterfalls!
 and a fly fisherman

 had a picnic at this table.  well, until the bugs started landing on my crackers.

i went on a fantastic horse ride through the woods.  we even crossed a stream!  which was a little scary b/c my horse, cocoa, tripped on the rocks a few times.  

the appalachian trail goes through the park.  i didn't hike it.

but stepped on it!

and that is it!!!!!!!!!!  my technical last day of the trip was driving from pigeon forge, tennessee home.  it took 11 hours and 15 minutes.  even w/4 stops.  the colors were really nice along the way.
now back to reality.  and work on monday.

and i might do a few more entries - one i have in mind is dos and don'ts of road trips.  and maybe i will even keep it up after i am done talking about my trip.

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