Monday, October 4, 2010

plantation country day 2

i am AGAIN staying on a PLANTATION!!!!!  can't quite believe i am saying this, but swore i would be honest about my travels in this blog.  whether it was embarassing or not.  this place is UNBELIEVABLE.  i am so happy.  i haven't had a knot in my back or neck for 2 days now.  i feel like a new person.

so this is nottoway, where i am staying.  in white castle, louisiana. 

and that is the front view.  

 if any of you care to look at a map, you would notice that i have travelled only about 50 miles in 2 days!!!!  at this rate, i will need until december to get back home.  

i am having such a romantic time.  oh, i almost forgot.  i am TOTALLY BY MYSELF!!!!!  i can't even believe how wasted these romantic settings are!!!!!!  i really need a boyfriend.  REALLY.  this place actually has romantic ballads piped outside all day long!!!  not even kidding.  the last few songs i heard before dinner were all frank sinatra.  and it is a really decent sounding system - not tinny and fairly soft - so it actually sounds like you are overhearing live music from a distance.  and right now i am all by my lonesome in a super comfy king sized bed w/lots of pillows listening to fantastic jazz on the radio and admiring this gorgeous chandelier's dim light while able to gaze out the window and see a lit-up majestic oak tree.  AND fountain.  and just to top it off, there was a fantastic sunset again tonight.  which i watched while having an out of this world dinner in a fancy restaurant right here in the lower floor of the plantation house while looking out floor to ceiling glass in a curved enclosed porch while also overlooking the same lit up majestic oak that is outside my room window and sipping some delicious cabernet.  *SIGH*

the strawberry spinach salad was the best salad i have ever had.  

here are some views of my room.  


 super fancy bathroom w/super fancy shampoo

 romantic chandelier

 giant comfy bed.  big enough for 2.  or 3, for that matter.

 oh, and here is me looking sort of cute for dinner.

and full length view in cool antique wardrobe mirror.  even wore heels.  

my room is on second floor-boys'wing.  too bad no boy.
this is right in front of my room.
my porch.
view from my porch.  

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