Wednesday, January 19, 2011

johnny weir!

i am trying to post the channel 4 video of johnny weir signing his book at talking leaves on sunday!  because i am in it for a quick flash.  we chatted for a moment.  i have a big puffy brown down coat on.  if you keep watching the video, you can see that they show him signing MY book!  and he writes karla very large.  : )   he started w/a c but when i said k, he changed it.

i told him the season has been boring without him.  he said "i agree."  what a great response!  and i asked him if he is going to still skate in shows and he said "yes, there is one on today on nbc."  and then he said he is planning on a comeback!!!

i trust noone is asking "WHO?"  but JUST in case, 3 time national figure skating champion, world bronze medalist, olympic competitor....a very individual skater who ruffled some skating establishment feathers, had his own show on sundance channel, was a judge on skating with the stars, is very into fashion, and speaks russian.  (he has a russian coach now.)    ok, now here goes trying to get the video in here...

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shoot i have a feeling that did NOT work.

i am guessing you can find it on google by typing in johnny weir buffalo channel 4.  or somethin' like that.

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